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Saturday, July 9, 2016

M/Y Winterizing-Parking in Greek Marinas

Dear M/Y and cruiser owners

During the last few months we have been witnessing dramatic changes taking place within Europe and all around the Med sea, including Turkey.

Many boat owners for many years during the winter season have been taking their boats to marinas in Turkey, Italy etc.

We at ZEG Yachting in cooepration with our sister company Sea Supplies with offices in Skiathos, Kefalonia and Athens invite you to consider “wintering” your boat with us.

Greece is a safe destination, easy to access all year around; Skiathos & Kefalonia are two islands that are accessible all year around by plane (from Athens) as we as by ferry boat.
Services offered
-Winter parking
-Maintenance services
-Technical support

We remain at your disposal for any questions you may have and we will be happy to meet you in person to discuss your boat's needs.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions using once of the following methods

Tel: 00306994402464, Email:, Web:

Yours Sincerely
Panos Andritsopoulos

Z-Enterprises Group  

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Προβολή επιχειρήσεων, Υποστήριξη websites, Μικρομεσαίες επιχειρήσεις

Αγαπητοί φίλοι

Με δεδομένο ότι διανύουμε μια πολύ δύσκολη εποχή όπου όλες οι επιχειρήσεις (ειδικά οι μικρομεσαίες) πρέπει να προσαρμοστούν στα νέα δύσκολα δεδομένα της αγοράς με όλα τα προβλήματα και δυσκολίες που έχουν δημιουργηθεί, το ίντερνετ εάν χρησιμοποιηθεί σωστά δίνει ευκαιρίες οικονομικής προβολής και προσελκυσής νέων πελατών δίχως σύνορα.

Η παραδοσιακή μικρομεσαία επιχείρηση (από τέτοιο περιβάλλον ξεκίνησα κι εγώ την εταιρεία μου) μεχρι σήμερα περιορίζει τη δράση της στα στενά όρια της αγοράς που περιβάλλει την φυσική της παρουσία (το μαγαζί, η γειτονιά).  Δυστυχώς ειδικά τους τευταίους μήνες ζούμε καταστάσεις που θυμίζουν "εικονική πραγματικότητα" με τον κορμό της Ελληνικής οικονομίας να βρίσκεται στο κάδρο και το κράτος να "χτυπάει" αλύπητα τις επιχειρήσεις, εκτοξεύοντας τα έξοδα τους.

Ώς αποτέλεσμα, ο επιχειρημάτιας που θέλει να σώσει την επιχείρησή του θα πρέπει να βρει τρόπους να μειώσει τα έξοδα του αυξάνοντας παράλληλα το τζίρο της επιχείρησης του.  Δίχως αμφιβολία, το ίντερνετ (διαδίκτυο) αποτελεί μια πύλη εισόδου σε έναν κόσμο (εν δυνάμει νέο πελατολόγιο) δίχως σύνορα.  Έτσι λοιπόν, η "δυνατή" παρουσία μιας επιχείρησης στο διαδίκτυο είναι το κλειδί / βάση πάνω στην οποία να μπορέσει ο επιχειρήματίας να αναπτύξει την επιχείρηση του με χαμηλό κόστος, προσεγγίζοντας νέες αγορές και πελάτες.

Υπάρχουν πολλοί τρόποι με τους οποίους μπορεί κάποιος να δημιουργήσει μια ιστοσελίδα για την επιχείρισή του, με διαφορετικά κοστολόγια - ακόμη και δωρεάν σε διάφορες περιπτώσεις - ΑΛΛΑ με τα θετικά και αρκετά αρνητικά στοιχεία που εμπεριέχει κάθε διαφορετική περίπτωση.

Θα πρέπει να τονίσω σε αυτό το σημείο ότι πολλοί επιχειρηματίες κάνουν το λάθος να νομίζουν ότι "θα βάλω το φίλο μου, τον ανηψιό μου κλπ που ασχολείται με υπολογιστές και θα μου φτιάξει "μια" σελίδα να υπάρχει" πιστεύοντας ότι έτσι θα προωθήσουν την επιχείρισή τους.  Και βέβαια στις περισσότερες των περιπτώσεων δεν χτυπάει κάν το τηλέφωνο.

Όπως σας ανεφερα φίλοι μου, υπάρχουν πολλοί τρόποι με διαφορετικά κόστη και αποτελέσματα μέσω των οποίων μπορεί κάποιος να προωθήσει την επιχείρηση του - τις επόμενες ημέρες από αυτή εδώ τη σελίδα θα πούμε αναλυτικά για τους τρόπους, τις προϋποθέσεις, τα κριτήρια και άλλα πολλά που αφορούν την προώθηση της επιχείρησης σας με τρόπο που θα φέρει αποτελέσματα.

Μείνετε μαζί μου.

Εάν χρειάζεστε άμεσα πληροφορίες και υποστήριξη επικοινωνήστε μαζί μου στο ή στο τηλέφωνο 6994402464.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

ZEG Yachting, Skiathos Port Agent Services, Yacht Services in Skiathos

If you are planning to visit the Sporades islands (Skiathos) with a yacht, sailboat and are looking for port agent support services, please contact ZEG Yachting using one of the methods shown at the end of the page. 
We offer a wide range of services such as:

Marina Services
We take care of your boat's "parking" at the port, we show you the exact position at the time of your arrival and we setup water and electricity supply, provided that we know the time of your arrival.

Provision Supplies
We supply you with any kind of food, drinks, sodas, delixatessen, traditional products, liquor, consumables, etc.

Passenger Services / VIP Services
For your visits / tours around the island, we offer SUV limo transfers, cars & moto rentals for your convenience and comfort, while touring the island.

Fuel Supply
According to your needs, we arrange for fuel supply of your boat / yacht / jet ski / tender outboard engines; we can also arrange for tax free diesel supply, given that there is a custom's office in Skiathos.

Spare Parts
We supply you with all spare parts and accessories for your boat (lubricants, ropes, hooks, etc) in case of emergency.  Due to the nature of the procedure of finding spare parts, delivery is available upon request.

Technical Support
In collaboration with specialized companies we provide you technical support for any damages that may occur during your stay in Skiathos or while you are travelling. 

Registration / Representation
We undertake the procedures for registration of your vessel or boat in Skiathos.  Also we can undertake the representation of any maritime company.  ZEG Yachting (part of Z Enterprises Group)as a shipping agency can undertake the brokerage or representation of cruise ships in Skiathos and / or any other ship that needs representation.

Legal Support
We have a network of experienced lawyers for any legal support.

ZEG Yachting undertakes the process of sending items in cooperation with reputable courier companies for quick and safe transport from / to your boat.

Our company cares about the collection of your laundry.  Delivery time depends on the size of the order and it is available upon request.

Weather Forecasts
We offer current information about the weather conditions.

Due to the strategic relationships with other service providers and suppliers that ZEG Yachting has established, we are able to meet just about any request efficiently and cost effectively.
We look forward to servicing your needs in Skiathos.

Tel1: +302427022771 | GSM: +306994402464
Email: info @ | Web:

Sunday, May 15, 2016

East Med Yacht Show, Piraeus Greece

Dear friends, 
We are happy to inform you that Sea Supplies LTD and ZEG Yachting are participating in the East Med Yacht Show, in Marina Zeas, Piraeus.
We look forward to welcoming you. |

GSM: +306994402464

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Summer Holidays in Greece - Hotels, Yachting, Luxury Villas

Dear travelers/visitors,

I would like to take this opportunity and welcome you to the 2016 summer season in Greece.  At Z-Enterprises Group of Companies throughout the winter we have been working in compiling and organizing new services catering to the needs of all visitors / travelers that are planning a trip to Greece.

Hotels - Skiathos
ZEG Hotel Management Services-in cooperation with Kanapitsa Hotels Group-have worked hard over the winter in creating value added services to make your holidays in Skiathos relaxing and pleasant.  Please visit and / or to familiarize yourselves with Kanapitsa Mare Hotel & Spa and Cape Kanapitsa Hotel & Suites respectively.  
Early Booking of your holidays allows for special pricing!!!!

Yachting Greece - Port Agent Skiathos / Greece
ZEG Yachting welcomes all yachting & cruise travelers to Greece and the "Emerald of the Aegean" - Skiathos.  After a very successful season (last year) we put again, our experience and skills to the service of yachting & cruises visitors of Skiathos this summer season 2016.
If you are planning to visit Skiathos (and the Sporades Islands) with your cruiser / yacht and need port agent support & representation services, ZEG Yachting is the prime port agent in Skiathos.  We handle all aspects starting from docking to boat departure; formalities, supplies, provisions, VIP services, special services, information, transfers, etc.  
Representation of cruise boats is handled by ZEG Yachting with the outmost professionalism for all aspects / needs.  
We invite you to visit our website and familiarize yourselves with our company and the services we offer.  You can contact us directly for any questions / information that you may need via email at panos @ or by phone at +306994402464.

Luxury villa holidays in Greece
In an effort to service the needs of our luxury travelers, we took over Blue Caviar Villas with our partner Brilliant Travel Services approximately 2 months ago.  Due to the size of this company and the extensive collection of luxury private villas located in various islands in Greece, we focused in streamlining operations; at the same time we added a series of value added services geared to the satisfaction of the luxury traveler needs.  We invite you to visit our website and select the luxury villa that fits your needs.
Welcome to In-Style Villa Holidays by Blue Caviar Villas.

I would like to thank you for your time and hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you to Greece for a relaxing, hassle-free holiday.

Panos Andritsopoulos
Tel: +306994402464
Email: panos @

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Port Agent Skiathos, Sporades Port Agent Services

Dear visitors,
We at ZEG Yachting Services wish to welcome you in Skiathos with your yacht / cruiser boat.  Whether you need support / assistance with the customs / port office legalities, fuel, provisions, VIP services we will be happy to assist you.

For information and assistance please visit our website at, email us at or call us at 00306994402464.  We will be happy to assist.